Clones are now available for purchase for the 2020 growing season and going fast!

Clones are now available for purchase for the 2020 growing season and going fast!



First in Georgia. First in Hemp.

Second Century AG knows hemp – and we know what hemp can mean for our state’s economy. With proven genetics, advanced agricultural insights, deep operational expertise, and superior-quality wholesale oils and extracts, we help Georgia farmers, CBD product manufacturers, and retailers embrace the new era of hemp right here in our home state.



It sounds cliché, but the Georgia hemp industry is literally a once-in-a-century investment opportunity. With skilled and experienced risk management, operations, regulatory, and marketing pros at the helm, the Second Century team is ready to help investment partners stake their claim in the rapidly growing hemp industry.


We have a farmer-first approach that helps significantly lower entry cost and financial risk for Georgia farmers—while dramatically elevating typical farm profits. Our team has some red clay under our nails, and we are deeply involved from soil to shelf to protect farmers from issues like unharvestable yields. Simply put, we’re ready to make Georgia proud and profitable—one plant at a time.


Delivering quality end products to end users is the goal of any agricultural enterprise. For CBD products, we’re delivering the key ingredient manufactures will stake their reputation on. That’s why from skin care to food service, we’re committed to setting the standard for the high-quality CBD ingredients that make successful products shine.

Rooted in Georgia, Ready for The Revolution.

We’ve seen the promise in hemp – and we’re primed to take advantage of the opportunity. Hemp cultivation is a multi-faceted business, so we’ve built a multi-talented team with adaptable expertise and a passion for growth. The three components to our success:

Nursery + Genetics

The science of hemp cultivation is absolutely crucial – maybe more so than any other crop. Our Second Century Plant Genetics team is unmatched, and our approach is field tested. We research, source, and develop perfectly paired genetic strains to each type of soil. We create genetic formulations backed by local and international research and the latest in latest in soil testing technology. Simply put, we calculate and create the perfect genetic pairing of plant and plot.

Farm Services

Our farmer-first team has a heritage in the state and is with you every step of the way. From providing the plant clones through to cultivation assistance, we give our farmer partners the latest in plant testing and pathology, lowering barriers for entry and helping maximize profit yields. Our teams manage hemp crops closely, ensuring low THC levels that always meet government regulations, protecting famers from costly issues like “hot,” un-harvestable crops.

Process + Extraction

We don’t just believe in Georgia, we’re invested in it. We’ve opened a 160,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in Ocilla, GA so we can scale extraction and processing operations with ease to help get crop to market, turning cultivation into cash flow.

Why Hemp?

Humans have used hemp for thousands of years, and today, industries from pharmaceuticals to beauty brands are embracing the power of this amazing plant. Unlike marijuana, hemp has high levels of CBD and very low levels of THC—meaning consumers can enjoy medicinal and therapeutic benefits of the hemp plant without the psychoactive effects (the “high”). It’s a new era for hemp – a Second Century – and we’re proud to bring it to Georgia.

Let’s work together.

It’s an exciting time for hemp agriculture in Georgia. If you have questions, we’d love to talk with you. Fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.