Seeds of Opportunity – Why invest in Hemp Cultivation

The headlines are everywhere – the hemp industry is exploding. And while we’re still in the early stages, projections from leading analysts point to exponential growth of hemp and hemp-infused products for years to come. New research studies are launching every week to further explore and understand the health and wellness benefits of CBD, and global consumer brand leaders are already priming the pump for demand. If timing is a key to investment success, then this looks like the right time to get into Hemp



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Superior Seed to Shelf Sourcing

You can’t manage the quality of what comes out without strenuously managing what goes in. Our Second Century team oversees every step in the lifecycle of every hemp plant from cloning mother plants to harvesting grown crop to processing CBD extracts. That means quality is checked, re-checked and checked again at each step along the way. It’s total, transparency and control through vigorous source tracing from soil to shelf.

Genius (or Georgia) Genetics

Our plant scientists are whip-smart and obsessed about hemp plant genetics. We select and develop genetics tailor-made for local, Georgia-based hemp cultivation. Our genetically identical clones deliver the cleanest, most consistent and highest-quality product possible, season after season.

Production (or Extraction) Built to Scale

For us, CBD extraction isn’t an afterthought or a sideline operation – it’s the core of what we do. That’s why we’ve invested in a state-of-the-art 160K square foot facility, outfitted with the latest in extraction technologies (or equipment). We’re built by design to deliver extract at scale and on time – from small batch orders to industrial scale.

You Get Out the Quality You Put In

Our Wholesale partners stake their name and reputation on the products they create, so they count on us to deliver extracts that meet and exceed their standards time after time after time. Their reputation is our responsibility. That’s why we believe so strongly in consistency, uniformity, and transparency – understanding the quality we have to deliver in every batch of CBD extract or isolate and staying committed to never wavering from that standard. We get one chance to be a wholesale partner of choice, every time we do business with a client.

CBD Extracts Built for Business

We’re in a young industry, one that’s sprouting up with new ideas, players and products every day, and we’re here to deliver the key ingredients that fuels each new success. We’re committed to being flexible and adaptable so we can deliver the highest-quality CBD products to give each of our wholesale partners the ability to create and manufacture freely and with confidence. Our core-four products – Crude Hemp Oil, Full Spectrum Distillate, 100% THC-Free Distillate, and Isolate – can flex, adapt, and scale to meet almost any manufacturer need.

Check our current product pricing, or contact us with questions about custom formulation .

Crude Hemp Oil

  • $1,150 / Kilo
  • $.0012 / MG

Priced as quoted, payment due prior to receipt of products.

Full Spectrum Distillate
  • $2,250 / Kilo
  • $.0023 / MG

Priced as quoted, payment due prior to receipt of products.

THC-Free Distillate
  • $4,000 / Kilo
  • $.0040 / MG

Priced as quoted, payment due prior to receipt of products.

  • $2,425 / Kilo
  • $.0024 / MG

Priced as quoted, payment due prior to receipt of products.

Let’s work together.

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